Let us introduce ourselves

Welcome to Tchê, a delicious Brazilian grill presenting the traditional rustic favors of the open ranges of Southern Brazil. 


Our story begins in the pampas of Rio Grande do Sul, the southernmost state of Brazil. This region is known as Gaúcho land, which proudly carries the heritage of the South American cattleman. He roams the open fields on horseback, with his trusty knife and his cuia gourd of erva mate, or chimarrão as it is known in Brazil. The culinary tradition of the gaucho is one of hospitality. Back on the homestead, meals become communal affairs when everyone is welcome to share in the bounty. Meat is grilled over open pit-fires and generously served.

The gaúcho grilling style spread throughout Brazil and became a staple restaurant everywhere in the country. In 1995, a young Brazilian immigrant to the U.S. named Ivan Utrera wanted to bring a little taste of his homeland to his new land. He opened the first gaúcho grill, or churrascaria, in the U.S.: Rodizio Grill Brazilian Steakhouse. 

Entrees at Tche Brazilian Grill

With the soul of the Gaúcho family table in mind,
the concept of Tchê was conceived.

Sharing the Flavor

As the love of Brazilian dining began to spread, Ivan recognized a need for a more accessible option for those living far from a Rodizio Grill. With the soul of the gaúcho family table in mind, the concept of Tchê was conceived.

In gaúcho terms, tchê is an affectionate term for anyone that instantly conveys a sense of friendly intimacy. It invites belonging and hospitality, an unspoken way of saying “what’s mine is yours.”

And so at Tchê Brazilian Grill - Our table is your table. Our kitchen is your kitchen. Our fire is your fire.
Come be our friend, our Tchê.